• Electronics and control systems

    Rexroth offers a unique, scalable range of digital electronic controls, axis controls and pump controls. All types of electronics and control systems category visit here:

  • Valve amplifiers

    Suitable analog amplifier cards in Euro-card format and analog amplifiers in modular design or connector design that have been adapted to the valve technology are available to realize controlled or regulated drives.

  • Sensors

    With our sensors and signal transmitters, you get the best equipment for monitoring and/or controlling the hydraulic pressure.All types of sensors category visit here:

  • Accumulators

    hydraulic accumulators are able to reduce the installed power and thus increase energy efficiency. All types of accumulators category visit here:

  • Diaphragm type accumulators HAD

    • Component series 1X and 2X
    • Nominal capacity 0.075 … 3.5 l
    • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
  • Filter cooler unit with inline filter according to DIN 24550 ABUKG

    • Component series 4X
    • Electric motor frame size 90S … 132S
    • Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
  • HMIs

    Bosch Rexroth HMI allow to give the best-in-class ergonomics, controls and feedbacks to your drivers. All types of HMIs category visit here:

  • Control blocks and plates

    The product category control blocks and plates covers our subplates, cover plates and adapter plates, sandwich plates, manifolds, plate systems All types of control blocks and plates category visit here:

  • Valves

    The valves are actuated via various operating methods and in this way, can cause the valve elements to open or close. All types of valves category visit here:

  • Cylinder

    Our industrial hydraulic cylinders are designed to be used in the harshest conditions. All types of cylinder category visit here:

  • Self-contained axes

    It can control heavy loads and large forces safely, reliably and precisely. All types of self contained axes category visit here:

  • Accessories

    • Service kit
    • Fluid kit
    • Fluid analysis set 4 red
    • Measuring couplings
  • Self-sufficient actuators EMAH

    It available in three types:

    • EMAH1
    • EMAH2
    • EMAH3
  • Servo-hydraulic actuators

    Servo-hydraulic actuators has two types:

    • CytroForce
    • CytroMotion
  • Servo-hydraulic actuator CytroForce-M Integrated

    • Component series 1X
    • Nominal forces up to 195 kN
    • Maximum travel velocity 500 mm/s
    • Maximum traveling distance 1000 mm
  • Motors

    you can choose between radial piston motors with unique torques, axial piston motors and external gear motors. All types of Motors category visit here:

  • Pumps

    Our range of hydraulic pumps includes axial piston pumps, external gear pumps, internal gear pumps and many others. All types of Pumps category visit here:

  • Accessories

    Hydraulic tank
    TMP / TMS

  • Control systems for A4VS

    Pressure and flow controller
    DR, DP, FR, DFR

  • Fixed pumps

    A2FO, fixed displacement, open circuit, high pressure, size: 10 cm³

  • Axial piston pumps

    • Compact high-pressure pump with short installation length
    • Size 45 … 125
    • Nominal pressure 400 bar
    • Maximum pressure 450 bar
    • Open circuit
    • Metric version
  • Pump systems

    Variable-speed pump drives – Sytronix and electro-hydraulic control systems for dynamic and high-precision control.All types of pump systems category visit here:

  • Electro-hydraulic control systems

    The SY(H)DFE is an electro-hydraulic control system on the basis of axial piston variable displacement pumps for the variable:
    – pressure control
    – flow control
    – alternating p/Q control and
    – power limitation (optional)

  • Power units

    Energy-efficient, low-noise and reliable: we construct and produce the perfect hydraulic power unit based on your needs. All types of power units category visit here:

  • Standard power units

    • Component series 1X
    • Tank size 20 l
    • Maximum operating pressure 240 bar
    • Power 1.5 … 4 kW
  • Subplates

    • Size 4
    • Component series 1X
    • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
    • Rexroth-specific hole pattern
  • 2-way cartridge valves, directional functions LFT . H2 (high-pressure)

    • High-pressure series
    • Size 16 … 25
    • Component series 3X
    • Maximum operating pressure 1000 bar
    • Maximum flow 3500 l/min
  • Proportional directional valves, pilot operated, without electrical position feedback, without integrated electronics (OBE) 4WRZ

    • Size 10, 16, 25, 32
    • Component series 7X
    • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
    • Maximum flow 1600 l/min
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