• Rapidly Biodegradable Lubricants

    FUCHS was one of the first companies to launch biodegradable lubricants in the 1970s, and since then FUCHS has invested heavily in the research and development of these lubricants.

  • Open Gear Lubricants

    The product portfolio encompasses both grease-based, graphited lubricants, high-viscosity fluids free from solid lubricants and semi-fluids containing solid lubricants.

  • Dry Coating

    In many instances where dry lubrication is required, solid film lubricants are the best choice. The solid film lubricant coating has proven its worth millions of times.

  • Greases for Machine Tools

    • Spindle bearings
    • Chucks
    • Transmissions
  • Greases in Spray Cans or Rattle Cans

    DUOTAC ZAHNRADSPRAY – Dry, tenacious lubricating film. Solid lubricating film up to +300 °C; Bitumen-free special lubricant with graphite

  • Assembly Pastes

    RENOLIT AS – Lubricating and sealing grease

  • Lubricating Pastes

    It is precisely in the marginal areas of grease lubrication where pastes exhibit their exceptional efficiency.

  • Concrete release agents

    High-quality concrete release agents are indispensable where the quality of a concrete surface is concerned.

  • Application equipment

    SYSTEM REINER – the versatile system for safe and clean lubrication of your machines

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