• Under Body Tipping Cylinders

    Tipping Capacity: 1- 25 tonnes
    Working pressure ≤ 230 bar

  • Cover Type (DFC) Cylinder

    The Cover Type Cylinder requires mounting on fixed (bottom) and floating (top) trunnions. The cylinders are sturdier and best suited for both short and long chassis tippers.

  • Diamond Front End Telescopic Cylinder

    The design of the Diamond Front End Telescopic Cylinder has several features that deliver better performance, increase sturdiness and extend the cylinder’s life.

  • Axial Piston Pumps

    • Range: 21 – 80cc
    • Volumetric Efficiency: 95%
  • Gear Pumps

    • Range: 60 – 100 cc
    • Working pressure ≤ 280 Bar
  • Cabin/Air Control Valves

    Wipro’s Cabin/Air Control Valves are used for direction control and the Power Take-Off (PTO) in tippers. The cabin control valve comes with a joy stick to control tipping, lowering, neutral, and PTO functions.

  • Direction Control Valves

    Wipro’s Direction Control Valves (DCVs) come with different flow capacities and actuation – manual, pneumatic and solenoid.

  • Tilt Sensor

    1. MEMS Technology
    2. AIS-004 (Part 3) certified for EMI/EMC by ARAI
    3. IP65 certified
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