Motors Plata lF Casappa


Fixed displacement axial piston pumps and motors swash plate design for open circuit applications.
The design is extremely compact and it can integrate many functions.
An electrically controlled valve can be fitted on the pump and an electronic board controls the flow and the speed of the powered motor.
Unidirectional pumps LFP48:
displacements from 1.65 in³/rev (27 cm³/rev) to 2.94 in³/rev (48,2 cm³/rev)
Reversible motors LFM30:
displacements from 1.34 in³/rev (22 cm³/rev) to 1.84 in³/rev (30,2 cm³/rev)
Max. peak pressure up to 5075 psi (350 bar)


Reversible rotation with integral antishock valves
European and SAE standard mounting flanges
Side or rear inlet options
Compact size